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Our services are designed around our CPR goals, we consult, perform & get results for your business, large, small or somewhere in between we always start with a personal meeting.

Put life back into your business with CPR.

CPR is a life-saving skill that we believe encompasses what we do with our Digital Marketing. We are here to get your business back up & running in an interconnected digital environment. It gives us a clear guideline & strategy that we are able to implement from the largest corporations to our local & dearest customers. Because we start with a consult we get a real view of how your business looks through your eyes, how it functions & give you a comprehensive look at your online presence from our perspective.

After our Consult is over, we will take all of the information we can gather about your particular business & craft recommendations for your business tailored to your specific needs. We have a plethora of services from Google Business creation, AdWords Managment to Reputation Management. No job is too large or small for us.

Each tool we have is custom crafted to provide you with the results your business needs from general awareness to dynamic retargeting on a national scale. We can help expand the scope of your business & reach potential customers wherever they are.

Keep Your Business off Life Support. Let us handle the tough part so you can continue focusing on your business.

PPC Advertising

Also known as CPC (Cost Per Click) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), this is the go-to for digital marketing.
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PPC (PPC stands for pay-per-click) advertising is the act of putting an ad in front of someone who is searching at that moment for a product, service or performing research. These are typically people looking to make a purchase soon or are doing research in order to make an informed purchase.

PPC advertising essentially lets an advertiser bid on Keywords in Search Engines & direct traffic to a website. An effective campaign combines bidding, quality landing pages & effective messaging into a cohesive package that makes your business stand out from the pack. (For a graphic representation of this see this infographic provided by WordStream).

This is the go-to digital marketing tool because it has the potential to drive relevant consumers directly to your business & give them the information they need to select your business from the mix.

Display Ads

Have you ever notticed a display ad? A retargeting ad showing products you just looked at? 

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We offer design, A/B testing, retargeting, dynamic, responsive & other types of display advertising to get your business seen by potential customers through their purchase journey. 

Think of Display Ads, as your modern billboard targeted to groups who have an active interest in your product or service. As a bonus we typically include a full set of digital ads for free to get you started. 


We love Analytics & provide free consultations to help identify problem spots in your digital ecosystem.
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A powerful tool that can help optimize your website and see what your customers are up to. A free & important part of our digital marketing bag we can set up a Google Analytics tag free of charge for your business.

Not only does it help us see what people are doing on your website & offer reccomendations it help us save you money by optimizing your digital campaigns with feedback from your own website data.


We can set up reputation management software to help give your business the reputation it deserves.

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Reputation is more important than ever, it gives consumers a number grade on how others perceive your business. We will not artificially gather reviews, or write them for you but we can give you access to tools & procedures designed to help foster organic results from your existing customer base.

Not only is gathering reviews from your customer base beneficial in the short term it helps keep your business protected from negative reviews & other elements by being proactive in the long run.

Video, Copywriting & Strategy

Need help with your digital ads? No worries we have dedicated staff to help your team shine.
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We have in-house staff or local preferred partners that help us create any type of marketing material you might need from YouTube videos to Pandora radio spots we have the staff to help fufil your businesses needs.

Social Media

We offer social media advertising on platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram & more.
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You have probably noticed people using their phone around you. In many cases, people are using a Social media app (or 3 ). We can help get your business in front of those users with a targeted campaign designed to attract awareness for your business or product.

We have the experience & design team to help your business get notticed as if we were serving a personal billboard to each of your potential customers.

Website Development

The new face of your company, websites are one of the first things people see about your business.

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A solid engaging & informative website is a must have before we start our marketing campaign. It should also be your #1 priority.

Think of your website as the front of your business. Just like any brick & mortar store people are more comfortable with a working & good looking building. We can help you thru that process by either building it or helping you with a website update with a third-party.

We recommend a new/updated website for almost all of our customers regardless of size for the following reasons:

  1. 70% of in-store purchases were researched online first. (source)
  2. 82% of shoppers consult their phones in store before purchasing. (source)
  3. 57% is the amount foot traffic has fallen in the last 5 years. But the value of every transaction has tripled. (source)
  4. “Only 9% of users will stay on a mobile site or app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs.” (source)

A good website can help drive down costs, increase conversions & serve as an opening to local sales. But mostly it serves as a repository for a way to people to find out more about your business, or find the things that interest them & if it doesn’t, then you have lost them.

Email Marketing

A stealthy way to re-engage or find new customers and keep your name in back of customer’s minds.

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An oldie but a goodie Email Marketing takes one of two forms, either a direct mail from your mailing list of serving an ad to a personal email, in the form of a display/text ad.

Email marketing is of the cheapest & most cost-effective ways to re-reach your consumers or target new ones with Gmail. We can help you with either campaign, down to the templates or setting up a MailChimp account for your business.

Local Digital Ad Management

We don’t ship our work out to a third party, we handle all of our digital marketing campaigns in house.
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We are your team for all things digital, we have experience managing campaigns from all over the digital spectrum, not just Google Ads & Facebook.

Whatever your business size & type we find the correct platforms for your business to be on. We have access to many different ad platforms including Pandora, Comcast OTT & Waze Digital Ads to name a few of our digital media partners. 

Our Digital Packages are always customizable to fit your business & needs. 

Depending upon your business type and needs your prices & features will vary.

A typical starter package to get your business in front of new customers.
PPC Only
Free Campaign Setup & Management
Google Business Clean Up & Creation
Free Google Analytics Setup
A package for most local clients.
PPC & Display or Social
Includes everything in the Starter Package Plus:

Digital Dashboard Live Reporting
Free Display Ad Set
Unlimited Changes On Campaigns
Analytics Monthly Analysis

Advanced features for your growing online store.
PPC, Display, Social & Dynmaic*

Includes everything in the Local Business Package Plus:

Advanced Conversion Tracking Reporting & Analysis
Optimized Directory Listings (1 Free)
Reduced Rate On Display Ad & Social Ad Creation
Dynamic PPC/Display* If Possible

The feature-packed digital campaign to drive sales, find new customers & retarget customers.
PPC, Display, Social, Dynamic & Video
Includes everything in the Regional Package Plus:

Free Call Tracking On Digital Calls
Free Optimized Directory Listings (5 Free)
Reduced Rate On All Ad Creation Costs


Frequently Asked Questions

We do! The packages above are our basic recommendations for each type of business we work with. However, every situation is unique so we always create custom packages with your input in mind.

We typically offer À LA CARTE services for: Call Tracking, Google Analytics Consultation & Setup, Web Hosting, Digital Consultations, Reputation Management, Digital Ad Creation & more.

We require a minimum of three (3) months commitment to any one of our plans due to the setup time & need for optimizations on our campaigns to really take effect. Typically you would want your business Digital Marketing to run all year long unless you are a seasonal business.
The first payment is due before we start running any ads & our follow up billing is typically billed one month in advance thereafter so we can pre-fund your campaigns.
We would hate to see you leave but as long as your bills are paid we will turn full control of any setup analytics platforms, artwork/footage created & any other items we may have created for your business to you. There are a few items that we retain as proprietary information.
Digital Campaigns are managed by our in-house team. We don’t typically hand our work off to third-party vendors unless requested too, or they provide a service beyond what we can reasonably provide.
You won’t need to change your campaign on a day to day basis because we do that for you! Typically we work with your company & together we would select the best campaign or category to focus on either on a 30 Day, 45 Day or Quarterly Cycle. This gives our team a goal or plan to work off of & allows us to present you with the best possible strategy & results.

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